Psycharabic - NAFA (SIN) x VCA (AUS) Mixed Media Collaboration 2017 w/ T Partridge (AUS), J Gales (AUS), Nhu Vien (VNM), Lolita Chiong (SIN) and Steven Sanjaya (IDN) (2018)

A mixed media international collaboration project conducted in August 2017 through collaboration of the VCA and NAFA for the Sound and Image of Future Landscape collaborative exhibition. Taking influence from the Arab Quarter of Singapore, the sound, music and art was created over a 4 day period in response to the creative brief detailing what the artists envisioned a future Singapore to look and sound like. The piece was exhibited on campus at NAFA in the On-Air Gallery through the month of August 2017 and frequented by 3000+ visitors each day. 

Sounds from Outerspace from Innerspace (2017)

A spacial 2-channel piece created for the VCAxMCM NODE:0 evening that utilizes raw audio from the NASA space missions. 

Melancholia in Jadra (2016)

An electro-acoustic piece created for and exhibited at the 2016 MUSLAB International Festival of Electro-Acoustic Music in Mexico, Brazil and France from November 2016 to February 2017.